Race War if Trump Wins? Watch What You Wish For!

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Guess who is calling for a race war?  Hint, It’s Not Donald Trump.

Tef Poe is a “Black Lives Matter” activist and a punk.  He posted this tweet last week.

16-0322 Tef1

When he was called out on it, the coward deleted the tweet and denied it.  Screenshots are a wonderful thing.  The TwitterVerse handed this punk a beatdown.

Before he got called out, he doubled down.

16-0322 Tef2

Thank goodness the TwitterVerse called him out because we know the media wouldn’t.

16-0322 Tef3

They’re barely able to call out Louis Farrakhan threatening to raise up 10,000 punks and go on  a murder spree.

You can bet the far left and groups like #BlackLivesMatter will be on the march during this campaign.  They’ll be trying to shut down Trump events and the Republican convention in Cleveland should be a great show.

As far as rioting goes, Tef Poe, bring it on.  You’ll find out really quick that you should have paid attention in school when they were talking about the definition of “minority.”

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