Proof Obama Armed ISIS:

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You know if it comes to a choice between American Marines and soldiers or ISIS which side Barack Obama is going to choose. Egypt, a Muslim country – threw The Muslim Brotherhood out.

Killed most of them –

But the Brotherhood has safe harbor in the White House?


Some time ago there was speculation that Chief Justice John Roberts had signed off on a list of charges accusing Barack Obama of treason.

It appears that never happened.

After all, remember that Roberts wrote the decision upholding ObamaCare.ISIS-In-America-Islamic-Terrorists-Take-Black-Flag-Photo-At-White-House-Threaten-To-Bomb-Obama

However this time there are new allegations accusing President Obama of willfully giving “aid and comfort to the enemy” by implementing a series of policies that has given rise to ISIS.


This has also provided them with the arms they are now using in their brutal attacks against Christians and other minorities.16-0312 ISIS1

Investigations reveal that at least some of the weapons being used by the terrorist organization are of U.S. manufacture

According to reports, the investigation was conducted by Conflict Armament Research, a small-arms research organization in London.

The study included photographs that indicate that weapons were “seized by Kurdish forces from militants in Iraq and Syria over a 10-day period in July.”

The group had reportedly confiscated “significant quantities” of M16 rifles and other weapons, that were manufactured right here in our country. The report concludes that the weapons most likely got into the hands of ISIS by Syrian fighters armed with the help of Saudi Arabia. That is in addition to the arms that were stolen upon the defeat of Iraqi army groups.

Will this be enough to get Congress to act?  Should Obama be impeached and tried for treason?  What do you think?

Obama’s support for Iraq, Libyan rebels, and Syrian moderates has ultimately resulted in the literal passing of the gun to our enemies. What do you think?

Should Obama be held responsible for his actions?




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