President Obama Does This as Brussels Burns: And Not With His Wife…

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Muslims paid a visit to Brussels last week and brought their standard greeting.  Death and destruction.  Over 30 people were murdered in terrorist attacks and 200 were seriously injured.

16-0326 Tango4

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, “Leader of the Free World” was commiserating with Communist thugs in Cuba.  Baseball, mom, and borscht.

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The family vacation diplomatic trip was extended to Argentina where the President danced the tango while Michelle ate two desserts.

16-0326 Tango2

The press corps has obviously been threatened with Cuban reeducation camp if they take pictures of the Fat First Lady while Barack is schmoozing.  No more of these pics …

16-0326 Tango1

The press learned their lesson, Barack obviously hasn’t.  I suspect Michelle was doing her best impression of Seinfeld’s Nookie Nazi after the dance… “No nookie for you!”  Oh.  I need eye bleach.

Anyway, Republicans weren’t happy with the President’s performance.

“Fox and Friends” aired video of the president’s dance moves along with the label “Tango Over Terror.”

“When everybody else is worried about where ISIS is, who they are going to kill next, and [if they] are going to come over here,” former Judge Andrew Napolitano said on the cable network’s morning show, “the president shouldn’t be in Argentina doing the tango.”


“As long as they’re having a nice spring break,” conservative radio host Laura Ingraham snarked on Twitter, “that’s all that really matters.”


“President Obama should be back in America keeping this country safe or President Obama should be planning to travel to Brussels,” Cruz said on Tuesday. “We don’t need another lecture from Obama on Islamophobia.”

Personally, I’m with Laura.  Any time Barack’s out of the White House is “good time.”  I’m hoping he’ll schedule a trip to the South Pole to highlight the problems with global whatever.  It’s coming up on winter and he could get iced in.  With Michelle.  For six or seven months.

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