OUTRAGE: CVS Fires Veteran For Stopping Shoplifters?


This falls into the “no good deed goes unpunished” category.

A U.S. Army vet who was a store manager at CVS was fired for stopping shoplifters who threatened his staff.

Joe Morici, who spent seven years in the forces and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan, was working inside the Beltsville, Maryland, store when his instincts took hold.


Two men ran into the store last Friday, jumped over the pharmacy counter, and demanded money from terrified staff.

Morici says he immediately ran downstairs and told the cashiers to call 911 because the store was being robbed, according to FOX 5.

He then confronted the two men, as they tried to flee the store with stolen prescription drugs.

One of them, he says, was carrying a screwdriver. Morici says one of the men tried to hit him with it, but he blocked it.

After meeting the two suspects at the front door, a struggle ensued, and Morici says he disarmed of the screwdriver.

The two suspects got away.

Morici’s boss arrived a short time later and said he was being terminated as a result of his actions.

He told the news station: ‘My main concern just everyone’s safety in the building. I reacted out of instinct.

No good deed goes unpunished.  Here’s the Fox5 report.

I guess we’re shopping at Walgreens now.

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