Obama Uses Common Core Math to Deny that 77% of FOIA Requests are Rejected!

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Concerning the FOIA, with Obama and his administration, 2+2 never equals 4.

Each year, the Associated Press does a review of the (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act requests and found that in 2015, a whoppin 77% of the requests were rejected!

That is in increase of 12% since his first year in office. Obama says only 7% of FOIA requests are actually rejected.

Concerning the FOIA, with Obama and his administration, 2+2 never equals 4.

The administration’s answer? Well, first you remove the unreasonable request…then you take out the requests where we did not look hard enough to find the records…

Get the picture?

Then you arrive at a 93% of FOIA requests are “APPROVED and Completed”…at least partially!

Rudy Takala reports at the Washington Examiner:

The review covered 100 federal agencies in 2015. Agencies that struggled with FOIA requests included the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which couldn’t find responsive records 39 percent of the time. The Environmental Protection Agency’s regional office in New York and New Jersey failed 58 percent of the time, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection failed to fulfill about one third of all requests.

The issue, critics note, is that agencies usually don’t make much of an effort to find records. When the State Department came up empty-handed in response to a request for emails sent by former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines, the department was hit with a lawsuit, after which it managed to find 90,000 documents its previous search had missed. Read the whole story!

The FOIA figures are definitely not the first time that fuzzy math has been used by Obama to create a false narrative.

FOIAAnother whopper is that 98% of scientists agree with man-made global warming:

What they fail to tell you is that 98% comes from an equation of 75 out of a total of 77 climate change scientists.

Yes, you heard that right… 75 total scientists.


Of course…besides the FOIA, the jobs numbers and a plethora of other figures are constantly being manipulated by this current administration.

But really… What difference does it make? It is just the FOIA…

The Alyona ShowHow to FOIA Yourself!

Critics are claiming that the Obama administration is the worst in years when it comes to Freedom of Information Act requests. Some of the main complaints from open government advocates include Administration lawyers aggressively fighting requests, the administration’s apparent war on whistleblowers, the justice department going after reporters over sources, and more fees for those seeking the release of information. Bottom line, the information is out there and if you don’t file a FOIA request, you won’t receive it, so request away and if the Obama administration sees fit you just might get a response.

How to interpret the FOI Act….defensiveable argument?

WORST in YEARS! Obama…Transparency you said…it’s more like a black hole.

You can ask…but you may never hear back.





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