Obama Going to Cuba for Re-Education

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President Obama is off to Cuba for some reeducation shortly.  He’s not the one getting “reeducated,” he’s doing the reeducating.  And who’s being reeducated you ask?  The answer: the U.S. Congress.

In 1990s Congress passed the Helms-Burton Act, also known as the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act.  It’s not been revised or repealed since it’s passage.  That means, it’s still in force.  Of course, the U.S. has immigration laws in force that require a fence to be built on the Southern Border and require illegal aliens to be deported.

Laws are for little people, not Barack Obama.

[Helms-Burton] establishes that before the American embargo can be relaxed, the president must determine — and report to Congress — that a transition government is in power. To qualify Cuba’s government must have, among other things, “legalized all political activity,” “released all political prisoners,” committed to “free and fair elections for a new government” with the participation of “multiple independent political parties.”

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Also required is progress toward an independent judiciary, freedom for independent labor unions, assurance of private property rights. Plus, a transition government can only be one that “does not include Fidel Castro or Raul Castro.”

Did I sleep through a news cycle?  Did the Castros get exiled to Venezuela?  I didn’t thing so.

Guess who is going with el Presidente Obama?

President is taking along corporate executives in an effort to “kick start,” as USA today puts it, a business relationship.

Yep, Mr. Obama is unilaterally suspending the trade embargo with Cuba.  Now in all fairness, he has asked the Congress to do away with that pesky Act, but the “Just Say No” Republicans refused to act.  So the President has taken matters into his own hands, much to the glee of the New York Times.

“Even as the Obama administration has lobbied Congress to repeal the embargo, some federal officials are still, inexplicably, enforcing aspects of it,” is the way the Times sums up its point. Got it? Congress has several times considered repealing the embargo and several times concluded it does not want to repeal the embargo. Yet the Times finds it “inexplicable” that the administration is still enforcing the embargo.

The gall of those “officials.”  Enforcing the law.  Why, the next thing you know the Border Patrol may start arresting and deporting Mexicans.  Can you imagine?

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