Now the British want to cry about this??

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The British are in full surrender mode.  They’re surrendering to everybody.

You’d think they were the French.

And having spent a fairly significant amount of time in Britain, I can assure you no worse thing has been said about them in the last 2,000 years.

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It’s fitting that that story from the Wall St. Journal dates back to 2009, about the same time Barack Obama started America on our own “surrender tour.”

They’ve come pretty much full circle.  It seems that the NFL is going to have a football game in London.  It’s somebody against the Washington Redskins.  And you’ve guessed it.

Two British lawmakers have written to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to complain about the nickname of the Washington Redskins ahead of the team’s visit to London next season.

Ruth Smeeth and Ian Austin, who are members of the Labour Party, wrote in a letter dated Feb. 2 that the NFL ‘should consider changing the name of the Washington franchise or, at a minimum, send a different team to our country to represent the sport, one that does not promote a racial slur.’

Oh my.

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I don’t know, maybe it’s time for a name change.  How about …

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