New Abortion Bill? Dean of School Just Pays It…

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A married school dean had an affair with a student for more than two years, got her pregnant, paid for her abortion, then sent her a dirty video of himself while under investigation…

What world do I even live in anymore?

It’s aka “putting kids in public school is child abuse.”


Hat tip Daily Mail:

  • Ian Millman, 40, was the dean of discipline at World Journalism Preparatory School in Flushing, New York
  • He began an affair with a sophomore girl and had sex with her ‘almost daily’, an investigation report says
  • When she got pregnant, Millman drove her to an abortion clinic in Queens and paid for her abortion
  • Millman settled the case by paying a $1,000 fine to the Department of Education

Let me repeat: Ian Millman, 40, was the discipline dean at World Journalism Preparatory School in Flushing, New York.

Got that?  “Discipline dean.”


But never fear, the dean doesn’t have to worry about being disciplined.

Sent to a “rubber room” for alleged improper conduct with a student, this teacher just couldn’t keep his hands off himself.


If you’re not familiar with a “rubber room,” it’s a room where educators charged with sexually abusing students are sent – at full pay and benefits – thanks to their union contract.  They have no contact with students, just other child molesting educators.

He made a video of himself touching himself this time – and it was made in the rubber room.

Millman’s case is somewhat unusual in that he quit his “job” pleasuring himself in the rubber room – and is currently running an organization called NewYorkNine, a baseball coaching non-profit that works with young athletes.

Where he has access to kids.

Maybe everyone involved should be in a rubber room?


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