THIS is Why We Need to Close Our Borders Immediately…

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There is an active invasion going on in Europe and it’s coming to your neighborhood thanks to Barack Obama and Paul Ryan.  They want open borders.

If you have kids, take them – take the whole family – to a martial arts studio near you and learn to protect yourself.  If you live in the free world, buy a gun, learn to use it, and get a permit to carry it.

This video is a compilation of assaults on German kids by gangs of roving Muslim thugs.  They get away with it because the German government values the Muslim thugs more than they value German citizens.  Much like the Swedish government values Muslim rapists more than they value Swedish women.

“BANNED FROM SPEAKING!”  Well, at least banned from speaking out against attacks by Muslim terrorists in their classrooms.  We’re already seeing the seeds of this being planted by groups like the consultants hired in cities like Minneapolis who are making sure the “minority” kids don’t get disciplined.  Unless you happen to be an Asian minority kid, but they tend to not get into trouble in the first place.

European governments are more than willing to overlook the rape and murder of their citizens by Muslim invaders because, frankly, they’re scared to death of them, and for good reason.  The Muslims will murder you.  For example:

A 15-year-old Lithuanian boy was brutally stabbed to death by a 14-year-old Syrian refugee child after he prevented the Muslim boy from sexually harassing a female classmate. As usual, the murderer’s father blamed the school, saying that the late victim was a bully who gave his son no choice but to attack him with a large kitchen knife in the back.

Coming to a school near you.

Make sure you think about this, and the response of both party political establishments – Barack Obama & Paul Ryan, that’s you – or lack of response.  They’re welcoming invaders into your neighborhood.


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