Meth Smoking, Knife Weilding ASS-HAT Arrested at Waffle House

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Full disclosure:  I love Waffle House.

Love their hash browns.  I never go there without my good friend Mr. Glock.

Here’s why.

16-0305 Waffle

Jacob Worthington and his relatives are why I never go to Waffle House unarmed.

A man in a clown suit was busted by Georgia police Tuesday after he allegedly smoked meth inside a Waffle House restaurant carrying a knife and a book bag of drugs.

Waffle House staff called police shortly after 4am after they noticed Jacob Worthington, 25, appeared to be using meth inside the restaurant…

Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of Worthington in his clown suit.  I’m guessing it will look something like this.

16-0305 Waffle2

After police asked the young clown to step out of the restroom where he had locked himself, he admitted he was the owner of the pipe.

Upon searching the suspect, cops said they found a knife, rolling papers, some LSD wrapped in foil, and a deck of cards with Worthington’s identification card inside it.

A book bag that belonged to Worthington contained a jar of cannabis, a jar of mushrooms, a digital scale, and a ‘small golden keepsake’ that had weed and a ‘small bag of white powder’ inside it, police said.


Worthington, of Gainsville, Georgia, said nothing after officers read him his Miranda rights and was booked on four drug-related counts, including possession with intent to sell, police said.

At least Mr. Worthington was arrested quietly after locking himself in the bathroom.

I love Waffle House hash browns.

Did I mention that?

16-0305 Waffle3



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