Member of Religion of Peace Chops Married Couple Into Pieces

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Hafiz Muhammad Zulkifal is a prominent Pakistani imam who has ties to al Qaeda.

Not that you’d know it if you read the major media.  They portray him as a member of the Religion of Peace.

Or is that Religion of Pieces?

16-0302 Imam

A few years back the imam was spending some time with friends at the beach, resting up from the rigors of overseeing a terrorist organization.  Friends.  At the beach.  Friends.

The couple decided to head to one of Italy’s famed beaches, which was when Fulkizal noticed what the pair was wearing. The couple had donned bathing suits, which are forbidden under Sharia law, so Zulkifal knew he must fulfill his role as the Islamic disciplinarian.

At some point, Zulkifal attacked the lovers and dismembered their bodies, placing each of the limbs in a particular position “according to the technique used by the Taliban,” Il Giornale reports.

Unfortunately for the imam, he did it in Italy.  They apparently take a dim view of such things because they arrested him and he’s on trial.  He is, of course, using Sharia Law and the writings of the pedophile prophet Mohammed to justify his actions.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh, and when you hear apologists talking about the Religion of Peace and how people like this imam are “radicalized” remember this.

There is only one kind of Muslim.



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