Marco Rubio Says Republicans Are Losers

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When will the Republican Establishment learn? It seems every time they tell us a Conservative can’t win, “We The People” prove them wrong.

Then, of course, you have the “Wannabes” or maybe they should be called the Crybabies, like Marco?

Here’s Marco Rubio closing out his campaign.

Proving once and for all that getting his butt kicked all across America because he’s part of the Republican Establishment didn’t teach him anything.

Marco, you are one of the people who has been calling Americans bigots.  You’re one of elitists who thinks they’re smarter than the rest of us.

You and John McCain and Chuckie Schumer can go to Mexico.  (It’s reportedly worse than Hell.) Guess that’s why in Florida the joke is: Marco? Polo?


The fact is, Marco Rubio has been running for Vice-President all along. He is a smart, cunning guy who knew he was too young to be running for President, but also realized he could not get elected dog catcher in Florida, much less get re-elected for the Senate.

I spend a lot of time in Florida – in fact, I’m here right now and they HATE Marco Rubio here. Why? Because he was elected by grass-roots conservatives to fight against Amnesty and the second he got to Washington he joined the Gang of Eight and wrote the book on Amnesty.

He’s a liar. End of story.

Maybe he’ll make a comeback someday, but I hope not. I don’t like looking at him because he’s a phony little twit who has gotten by on looks and charm..

.. two things I’ve never had.

But guys with looks and charm have always forced me to be smarter, faster, funnier and develop the ability to spot one of those bastards from a mile away.


Marco Rubio is easy to spot from a thousand miles away…

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