Marco With the Dick Jokes: Really? That’s Cute…

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How desperate is Marco?

I’d say really.  Just listen to this


Marco is soooooo desperate that he’s got this up on his YouTube channel.  And counting mine, he’s had a tad over 116,000 hits.  That’s about an hour’s worth of traffic for a decent cat video.

Oh, and Marco got blown out last night, Super Tuesday wasn’t so super for Marco.  He got trounced everywhere but the Minnesota caucuses.  Minnesota.  The only state Ronald Reagan lost in 1984.  He didn’t make the threshold to get even one delegate in Texas.  And as for his home state of Florida?  Right now he’s down at least 16 points.  In his home state where they know him best.

It’s time to make the Republican primary a two man race.  And Marco, you’re not one of them.



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