The Man Formerly Known as Bruce Jenner Gives Hillary the SMACKDOWN

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Bruce Jenner is a Republican.

He’s not fond of Hillary and he’s willing to say so.  I guess I’m supposed to call him “her” but if you stick a branch in your eye, I wouldn’t call you a tree..

Anywhoozer – Hillary gets a taste of the bitch juice here!

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At the premier of his new show “Cait,” Bruce was cornered about politics.

Jenner was on a bus tour with a group of transgender women when he said he didn’t want to stop at the Democratic debate.

“It’s the last place I want to be,” Jenner said. “But I’m open. We need both sides and if we’re unfortunate enough get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side. Although she won’t be — she couldn’t care less about women.”

She cares about herself.

Bingo.  Bruce nailed that one.  He went even further.

“Republicans and the conservatives are not these horrible people out there trying to oppress people. I don’t feel like they’re out to get us. Every conservative guy out there believes in everybody’s rights.”

And, he’s a Ted Cruz supporter.

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