Makes Perfect Sense, Historically Speaking…


Remember the media storm when the KKK endorsed Donald Trump?  Where are they now that the KKK has backed away from Trump and is endorsing Hillary?

They’re nowhere, that’s where.

Here’s the Tweet that set off the original firestorm.

16-0316 Klan1

And here’s the Grand Dragon’s latest statement.

Quigg cites a litany of reasons why his support for Trump has waned.

“We don’t like his hair. We think it’s a toupee,” Quigg said. “He won’t do what he says he will do. He says he’s going to build a 20-foot high fence along the border with Mexico and make them pay. How’s he going to do that?”

And how does Quigg know about Clinton’s supposed secret KKK-friendly agenda?

“I cannot reveal my sources,” he said. “It’s my opinion – if you know what I mean, wink, wink. I don’t want her to come back and say I’m slandering her.”

Why is the media silent on Hillary’s connection to the KKK.  It’s not a new connection, after all.

Mentored by the KKK.  That’s Hillary.


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