Little Girl Blows Kiss At Massive Lion… Parents FREAK At What Happens [VIDEO]

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As Spring is upon us and the weather turns nice, many parents opt to take their wee little ones on an outing to the zoo. What kid doesn’t like the zoo? …Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The zoo is about kids exploring, interacting and enjoying nature and animals, right?

Unless you’re a 3-year-old who meets the “King of the Jungle”. Like most young ones, this little girl innocently blows a kiss at the cute fury little lion and then this happens:

In a story from Daily Mail:

Instead of returning the girl’s affection, the lion instead stands on its hind legs and starts furiously pawing at the glass as if to maul the child.

But while such a ferocious response from one of nature’s greatest hunters might cause most to run away, the little girl appears to take it all in stride.

Though her eyes and mouth open in shock, she remains at the glass and simply watches as the lion continues its display.

How remarkable is THAT? I don’t think any of my grandchildren would have reacted in the same way to this lion as this little girl. How about your kids or grandkids?

I can certainly understand how this video has gone viral.


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