Lindsay Graham Cracker Can’t Remember Where or Who He Is


Remember when Senator Graham thought that Sen. Ted Cruz would “kill the Republican Party”? Or how about, when he said, Cruz would “run down other Republicans”. Still better yet, remember when Sen. Graham said that Cruz was terrible on foreign policy and even joked of killing him on the Senate floor? I guess neither does he. He’s now done a major 180 on Sen. Ted Cruz for President. Why couldn’t he have cared that much back in the Senate when he often supported the GOP Establishment and Cruz was often standing alone fighting for the Constitution?

To say that I have no use for Sen.Lindsay Graham would be the understatement of the century.  I’d like to put him in a canoe with Sen. John McCain, no paddles and no life vests, and launch them down the Colorado River going through the Grand Canyon.

16-0320 River

Remember, no paddles and no guides.  Just the two of them.

Anyway, the last year has been an eventful year for Lindsay Graham.  He ran for President.  He got no votes and couldn’t find anyone willing to vote for him.  He dropped out.  Then he launched a hate campaign against Ted Cruz and …

… that’s right, he’s now raising money for Ted.

I’m not speechless, I just can’t think of any words that fit into a family friendly site that go along with Lindsay Graham.

I was able to find this though.

16-0320 Lindsay1

OK, it’s not Lindsay Graham, it’s Lindsay Lohan.  Booking photos.  I think that’s an appropriate comparison.  With apologies to Ms. Lohan.

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