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Liberal Blogger Pranks Trump: Is This Illegal? [WATCH VIDEO]


When it comes to Donald Trump both the far left and the Republican Establishment will go to any lengths to throw mud, even a little mud.

In this particular case, this happened in a tough week for Trump.  He was asked about support from David Duke and the KKK and he fumbled the answer.  That was followed by this.  He – or his campaign – retweeted a quote.

16-0301 DuceT

It turns out, “@ilduce2016” is a Twitter handle that belongs to a far left blogger and the quote if from none other than il Duce, Benito Mussolini.  Needless to say, the media had a field day.

Personally, I happen to approve of the quote, Mussolini probably stole it.  He was a fascist after all, and if he was alive in the U.S. today he’d be Democrat.

Here’s Trump stumbling on the David Duke endorsement.

I would have noted that if the KKK wants to talk about “roots,” their roots are in the party of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and if the media wants to look for hate, they need look no farther than the anti-Semitic policies of Democrats and the policies they’ve enacted toward minorities to chain them into slavery in government welfare programs.



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