LGBT “Outreach” Officer “Reaches Out” to 2 Teenagers at the same time. Yep, it’s just what you think.

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This actually happened in my home town, Phoenix.  As you’ll see, we don’t take kindly to people who abuse their “LGBT privilege.”

A former Phoenix police detective was sentenced Monday to 23 years in prison after pleading guilty to having sex with two teenage boys.

The punishment imposed on 47-year-old Christopher Wilson by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge was part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Wilson also faces lifetime probation and must register as a sex offender.

As you might guess, officer Wilson didn’t think he did anything wrong.

When given a chance to speak during his sentencing Monday, Wilson, dressed in a striped jail garb, said: ‘I did not know at the time he [victim] was 14. He was supposed to be 18. He lied. I want to go on record stating that.’

In a jailhouse interview with the local station KPHO last year, Wilson claimed he thought the 17-year-old victim was emancipated and thought the 14-year-old was 18.

Here’s the report.

One of the boys was a prominent spokesfruit for LGBT issues, having his picture taken with Barack Obama and John McCain.  At least in the published pictures, all were clothed.

As for the cop’s attorney?  Likening homosexual child rape to stealing a loaf of bread?  You should be Wilson’s cellmate.

The only surprising thing about this story is that Wilson isn’t a Muslim.



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