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Let Me Get This Straight: CAIR is going save us? I recommend something different


CAIR is a terrorist group.  They fund terrorism, they’ve been linked to Hamas through the Holy Land Foundation.

They’ve been allowed to promote themselves as a “mainstream” Muslim group.  They are that too.

That’s because Muslims support terrorism.

16-0227 CAIR3

They’re at it again, this time in Philadelphia.

Jacob Bender, the non-Muslim Useful Idiot who heads up Hamas-linked CAIR’s Philadelphia chapter, here boasts: “What CAIR can do, however, and what it has been doing superbly for 10 years now, is to oppose the anti-Muslim ideology of the Trumps, the Cruzs, the Pamela Gellers, the Robert Spencers…” Notice that he doesn’t say that Hamas-linked CAIR is opposing the ideology of the Syed Rizwan Farooks, the Mohammed Abdulazeezes, the Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs, the Nidal Malik Hasans.

Bender, and his supporters (read Muslims) count on the ignorance of history of most Americans – you can thank a teacher for that – with campaigns like this.

More importantly, Bender here repeats the common and hysterical claim that “Muslims are the new Jews.” … The blazingly brilliant Daniel Greenfield takes it apart in this video. And in 2014, Bill Maher noted: “Jews weren’t oppressing anybody. There weren’t 5,000 militant Jewish groups. They didn’t do a study of treatment of women around the world and find that Jews were at the bottom of it. There weren’t 10 Jewish countries in the world that were putting gay people to death just for being gay.”

When you’ve lost Bill Maher …

16-0227 CAIR2

The bottom line here is that CAIR wants to save us from the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  They know they don’t have to protect us from Hillary or Bernie or any other Democrat for that matter.  That’s because Democrats are allies of CAIR and Hamas and, like CAIR, are blood enemies of Israel and America.

If you support Sharia Law and Islamic terrorism, you can either vote Democratic or you can stay home because the Republican nominee isn’t perfect.

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