At Least Someone’s Building a Wall

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Europe is facing a Muslim invasion.  “Migrants” are not coming from the Middle East, flooding Europe (and the U.S. thanks to Barack Obama and Paul Ryan), they are an invading force.  They don’t need guns, they’ll change the culture of their host countries by forcing politicians to accept Sharia.

First – Muslims are demanding and German authorities are caving into having German schools stop serving sausage because it contains pork.


This is what the Macedonians are facing from the Muslim invaders.

They are tearing down border fences.  The Macedonians have finally had enough.

Dramatic plans to build a 200 mile long fence protected by guards armed with tasers were tonight revealed before a key summit in Brussels to stop the flow of migrants through the continent.

EU leaders will tomorrow pledge to close down the route from Greece through the Balkans where more than 985,000 have travelled since the start of last year.

Ahead of the meeting, Macedonia has requested that neighbouring countries help it seal the thoroughfare by extending the existing 19-mile razor-wire fence on its southern border with Greece and providing extra guards and riot gear.

They’ve flooded the border with police.

And they’re putting up new fencing.

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I’m wondering if we could hire some Macedonians to work on the U.S. southern border.

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Or at the very least, send some balls over for the White House.  Except this White House probably wouldn’t know what to do with them.  I suspect Valerie Jarrett would keep them in the same tomato paste can she keeps Barack’s.


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