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Koala want a drink?


A curious koala stopped a group of cyclists in the scorching Australian heat as it searched for water on the side of the road.

An adorable picture shows the koala climbing up the wheel of a bike, in the Adelaide Hills on Tuesday, before one of the men held out his water bottle to the outgoing marsupial.

Koala Coordinator of Fauna Rescue South Australia, Merridy Montarello, said it’s not an unusual sight.

‘Koalas are incredibly trusting of humans and they’ve got a very good sense of smell. They can smell the water and that’s why they often approach,’ Ms Montarello said.


From Daily Mail:

On Wednesday the mercury in Adelaide soared to 33 degrees.

The hot and dry conditions mean there’s less moisture in the leaves, which is why koalas turn to humans for help.

With a warm March ahead, we could see similar situations occurring again, Ms. Montarello said.

The cyclists monitored the koala as it guzzled water for around 30 minutes before they called the Koala Rescue Hotline.

Ms. Montarello said her initial concern was that the koala was sick: ‘Sometimes if a koala is drinking non-stop for an extended period of time it can indicate kidney problems’.

They took the koala in for testing and a check-up but found the five-year-old female to be in perfect condition.

She was named Carolina, after one of the cyclists partners and was released back into the wild on Wednesday after being tagged so they can keep an eye on her.

Who doesn’t like a warm, wonderful Koala?  If you know a little about Koalas – they have a thick coat that works to keep them warm in the winter, but it can also cause them to overheat. Thank goodness for these cyclists! Sweet Caroline…or Carolina. She now plays like a Diamond..Neil that is.

…Spring became the summer…Who’d ever believe you’d come along…Sweet Caroline.



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