Judge Napolitano: Judicial Pick Garland a “Lose-Lose” for Obama!

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President Obama has named Merrick Garland, a federal appeals judge for DC, as his nominee to succeed Antonin Scalia.

But Judge Napolitano says that choosing Garland is a “Lose-Lose” for the President.Judge Napolitano says that choosing Garland is a "Lose-Lose" for the President.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, the senior judiciary analyst for Fox News, said “It’s dangerous to appoint somebody to the court with a 19-year track record, because people how don’t like him will find things in there they don’t agree with.

But the big issue is if Garland actually gets through to a nomination!

Napolitano went on to reveal that Garland is the most conservative SCOTUS nominee ever made by a Democrat president.

Surely the Garland pick was designed to only frustrate Senate Republicans.

If the nomination would actually be approved, Garland will not reflect well on Obama’s legacy. Garland doesn’t reflect the other liberal justices at all.

Looks to me that Obama put up a red herring that looks to bite him in the butt!!!

All 11 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter last month to Sen. Mitch McConnell informing him that they will not hold any hearings.  He was quoted as saying, “a snowball’s chance in hell” that he will back down from his opposition to confirming a Supreme Court justice before a new president is elected.

On Wednesday, the McConnell said “the Senate will continue to observe the Biden rule” with Garland.

“Under the direction of the Supreme Court and have a profound impact on our country. So, of course, of course the American people should have a say in the court’s direction.

It is a president’s constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court justice and it is the Senate’s constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent.

As Chairman Grassley and I declared weeks ago and reiterated personally to President Obama, the Senate will continue to observe the Biden rule so that the American people have a voice in this momentous decision.”

What has come to be known as the “Biden Rules” refers to remarks in 1992 by VP Joe Biden. At the time Biden was a US Senator. He stated that nominees submitted in a President’s last year of office should not be confirmed.

Video: Napolitano Supreme Court Pick Garland A ‘Lose Lose’ For Obama:

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