Islamic Human Rights Commission Gives Award to Trump?

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First of all, “Islamic” and “human rights” should never be used in the same post.  Since they are, you know this is a farce aimed at Donald Trump.

The prize was awarded at a gala dinner in London last night in Mr. Trump’s absence — not an unusual state of affairs, given that none of the nominees are usually invited and applications for tickets have in the past gone unanswered.


The ceremony was hosted by the British-based Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a Shia-dominated, “Khomenist”, Hezbollah-sympathising pressure group which has campaigned on behalf of convicted Islamist terrorists, as previously reported by Breitbart London. Although the event is intended to be satirical, it is instead apparently an opportunity for the Iran-friendly group to denounce their chosen politically-incorrect bogeymen.

In an effort to show just how really stupid Muslims are, here’s the rationale for giving Trump an award naming him “Islamophobe of the Year.”

In a statement, the group said they wanted to undermine the credibility of people who criticised Islam by awarding their prizes.

They don’t understand that they have no credibility anywhere – except amongst cowardly politicians and Trump isn’t one of those – and that the award will likely enhance Trump’s standing in the U.S.

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They might just find that Americans – and Germans and more and more Brits – are solidly with Donald Trump on the Muslim problem.

I’m shocked Trump hasn’t made a speech about the award.  Other recipients have.

“It’s an honour to have won such a stupid award from such a devious organisation. It proves that we’re on the right side of history that people who back extremists and loons are doing everything they can (which isn’t much) to try and smear me. I’m tempted to film an acceptance speech video, and maybe burst into tears like Gweneth Paltrow… I’d like to thank the (Zionist Academy)… that sort of thing!”

Perhaps he doesn’t know about it yet.  I think he could make a real circus out of this one.  And I’d also categorize it as something to be very proud of.

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