Is Trump Seriously Considering Cain for VP? Poor Hillary

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In the world of conservative, Republican politics – no one is more grass-roots than Herman Cain.

In the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination race, Herman Cain was the beneficiary of a massive uprising of conservative, Tea Party types across the land who used social media to catapult the lesser-known Herman Cain into front-runner status.

Herman Cain

Now – here we are four years later and it sounds a heck of a lot to me that Mr. Cain is going for Trump, rather than his more conservative counter-part, Senator Ted Cruz:

The GOP establishment is DEFINITELY not supporting Trump and I believe the only person they hate and fear more than Trump is Cruz.

Plus – Trump gives them those great ratings – let’s not forget that… But Herman Cain’s favorite? The guy he’s going to be supporting?


Well, I’ll just let you tell it in his own words: As only Herman Cain can:

Wednesday, during an appearance on Neil Cavuto (on Fox), Mr. Cain was incredulous and that is was “it’s absolutely insane” the mainstream Republican establishment wasn’t lining up between the tour de force which is “The Donald.”

“I believe that the American people, through these first group of presidential primaries, they’re making a very strong statement by supporting Donald Trump.”

And that was just for starters:

“And for the establishment or these intellectual conservatives to be against Trump and actively working against him, I believe it’s absolutely insane,” Cain said. “One of the reasons that the Republican Party has suffered some damage control over the past several years, in terms of that brand, is because they’re not listening to the people.”

Cain later repeated basically the same thing on “Hannity.”

So is Donald J. Trump seriously considering Cain as an option for Vice-President?

A little digging also brought forth  an unconfirmed, yet strong piece of news that in fact, Donald Trump is considering Herman Cain as his potential VP choice. This comes from a source close to Mr. Cain and for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons – this source cannot be revealed.

But it’s true.

Mr. Cain has a nationally syndicated radio show and many contracts in the entertainment business require their hosts to not officially endorse any candidate during the nominating process. I don’t know if this is the case with Herman Cain – but I’d bet you it is.

Secondly, Herman Cain is the perfect storm of VP picks for Donald Trump, because Trump only lacks Ted Cruz’ base of conservative, ‘tea party’ support. Not to mention Mr Cain is a highly successful, African-American businessman who is not exactly afraid to say what he means, and means what he says.

I know what you’re thinking, but stop it. You think Democrats can bring up the subject of infidelity with anybody as long as they have Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife running on the other side?

Trump / Cain. Wow.

Could she even win one State?


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