Indonesia Does Zero Tolerance Best: Drug Dealers Executed by Force-Feeding Them Their Own Product..

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More like ‘Zero-degrees Kelvin” Tolerance in the largely Muslim country of Indonesia where new laws are being considered that would among other things, have drug-dealers put to death by stuffing their own drugs down their throats…

… until, well, the initial high wears off anyway.

The Daily Mail Reports on the religion of Peace’s new “eye for an eye” policies and some folks are saying, “fine.”



  • Country’s National Narcotics Agency suggested the extreme punishment  
  • Proposal would strengthen tough laws including death by firing squad
  • 4.5 million drug addicts currently live in Indonesia with 33 dying a day
  • Spokesman for agency said drugs were ‘enemy’ as he announced plans

Drug dealers in Indonesia will be made to eat their own supply until they die if new rules are pushed through.

The country’s National Narcotics Agency has suggested the punishment in a desperate bid to tackle growing drugs problems.

The proposal would strengthen already tough laws, which include death by firing squad if citizens are caught drugs trafficking.

Police have also increased raids on local dealers, with one recent investigation leading to four deaths.

Around 4.5 million drug addicts currently live in Indonesia with 33 people dying per day due to overdoses.

Critics have slammed the proposals and claim the country’s laws do not differentiate between addicts and criminals.

It comes after the country decided to halt all executions temporarily at the end of last year. 

The decision meant British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford, who was sentenced to death after being caught smuggling cocaine into Bali, was given a temporary reprieve.

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Gives a whole new meaning to “edibles.”

Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day… Bring on that Sharia to my town. But just that part.


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