Hillary: “Waterboarding Isn’t Effective”

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Hillary says Americans should be afraid after terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Brussels. She didn’t say why.  We will.

This administration, and Democrats as a Party, are feckless and have no interest in protecting Americans from Muslim terrorists.

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Hillary, instead of condemning Islam who is at war with the West, blubbered.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to TODAY by telephone in the wake of apparent terror attacks that have killed at least 26 in Belgium and says the number of casualties is “deeply distressing.” She says that we have to work more closely with European allies to track potential terrorists and that the “dream of a whole, free Europe” at peace is one that “should not be walked away from,” but we do have to be realistic about how people move from place to place. She acknowledges that Americans have a right to be frightened after San Bernardino but that experienced military leaders say techniques like waterboarding are not effective: Officials “do not need to resort to torture, but they are going to need more help.” She says “terrorists are not stupid” and are adapting: “We’ve got to work this through consistent with our values.”

“Distressing.”  Yep.

Hillary is more concerned about waterboarding than protecting Americans.  And waterboarding is NOT torture.  John Rizzo, the CIA’s lawyer on the subject.

I’m a lawyer, and torture is legally defined in U.S. law. If I had concluded — or, more importantly, if the Justice Department had concluded — that these techniques constitute torture, we would never have done them. So I can’t say they were torture. I didn’t concede it was torture then, and I don’t concede that it’s torture now.

As usual, Hillary doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.  But then again, she IS a Democrat.

So you mean to tell me if waterboarding were used on Hillary about Benghazi, we wouldn’t find out the REAL truth?  Get real!

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