Hillary Beat Up By Left-wing For Complimenting Nancy Reagan

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There is no level of hypocrisy that is below the left and Hillary Clinton is the poster to prove that.

The latest example is the death of Nancy Reagan.

Hillary said that Nancy Reagan used “very effective low-key advocacy” to “start a national conversation” about the HIV/AIDS as First Lady.


Heaven forbid that she would say something that could be perceived to be complementary about the former First Lady.

Needless to say the Gay Mafia was on her like flies on a cat box.

Human Rights Campaign head Chad Griffin said that Mrs. Reagan, who died over the weekend, was “no hero” when it came to victims of a disease that was notably ignored by the White House for most of Reagan’s presidency and linked by many of those around him to the “immorality” of gay men.

Let’s be clear here.  The gay lifestyle is immoral, no scare quotes needed.  Where homosexuals are concerned AIDS is not, nor has it ever been, a disease with “victims.”  There certainly are victims, people who’ve contracted AIDS from transfusions with blood donated by infected homosexuals.  But with respect to the homosexual community, it’s a lifestyle disease.

Needless to say Hillary got the message.

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That didn’t take long.  Barack Obama was unavailable for comment, he was playing golf.

Democratic candidates are sold out to their masters in the Gay Lobby.

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