Here’s a Herd of Cats You Won’t Believe

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I am not a fan of cats.  At all.  Except in stew.  With a carrot and an onion. And some garlic.
My wife’s former cat – known to those who know me as The Dead White Cat – has frequently been my favored candidate for President.  He’d have been a definite improvement over what we’ve had for the last seven plus years. HT to ViralNova
But I digress.

Cats are known for going about their own business, no matter how inconvenient it is to you. Althoughsometimes, maybe, just maybe, you can catch your cat in a mood where they divert all of that indifference toward a rare Zen-like state. During these rare moments, you can treat them as your very own cat statue, because why not?

The results…simply hilarious.

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