It’s Happening: Pork BANNED in Schools and Cafes as to ‘Not Offend Muslims’

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Muslims are all about terrorism, it’s been their modus operandi for 1,400 years.  Today their extending it from just beheading to cultural terrorism.  Just ask the Germans.

Sausage is central part of German heritage.  I mean who could forget this scene from European Vacation?

Anyway, Germany is being overrun by a Muslim invasion.  German sausage is made from pork.  Sharia Law says pork is a big no-no.  Muslims are protesting about sausage being served in schools.  So guess what?

An increasing number of public canteens, child daycare centres and schools have stopped serving sausages, bacon and ham over religious considerations.


German sausages are part of the country’s culture. At Oktoberfest in Munich, the largest beer festival in the world – sausages are served alongside steins of beer.

The move is likely to cause tensions among residents who support the introduction of restrictions on the inflow of refugees to the country.

The Germans are “fighting back,” insisting that Muslims respect German culture.  Tell that to the German women who were raped and assaulted on New Year’s Eve by crowds of Muslims.

This is cultural terrorism. We’d expect no less from the followers of a pedophile prophet.

Next up, expect New York City Mayor Red Bill to ban pork from the city.  And Barack won’t be serving it at State Dinners.


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