Guess Who Admits More Immigrants of “Religion of Peace” in 5 yrs than Entire “Religion of Peace” Population of Belgium?

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You think Belgium has problems? Guess what country has admitted more “Religion of Peace” or Muslim Immigrants in the 5 years than the ENTIRE Muslim Population of Belgium?

Did you guess the U.S.? …That’s right. Thanks to Obama and his administration the U.S. has admitted more Muslim immigrants than Belgium’s entire population of Muslims. That’s over 1.6 million. Are you happy now? Is this the hope and change you were hoping for? Probably not, but I’m not the fool that voted for him twice. Do you think this may contribute to the fact, that many Americans don’t recognize the United States of America any more?


According to a new analysis from the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), this trajectory has grown sharply just over the five most recent years. Counting all of the green cards issued to foreign nationals of predominantly Muslim countries between FY 2009 and FY 2013 alone, the subcommittee found that 680,000 individuals have been granted legal permanent residence in America. That is a larger number than the population of our nation’s capital.    – See more at:

This coincides with census data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies, which estimates a 415,784 net increase in the population of nationals from predominantly Muslim countries living in the U.S from 2010-2014. If net population growth, which is mitigated by deaths and emigration grew by that much, it makes sense that the initial migration numbers have been much higher. One could only imagine what the numbers would be had Marco Rubio gotten his way and successfully passed the Gang of 8 immigration bill.

In recent years, most estimates pegged annual Muslim immigration at roughly 100,000 per year, but this analysis suggests that the trend is growing to more than 10% of our annual intake. Remember, there is only an estimated 630,000 Muslims in the entire country of Belgium, and yet, they are in lockdown and have rampant problems of homegrown terror. We have admitted more Muslims to the U.S. in five years alone. And all indications point to the fact that the trend is growing every year because immigration from Muslim countries is the fastest growing of all parts of the world.

Come on people! Wake UP! America needs to grow a pair! How about just enforce the current laws! How about just close the borders! How about let’s return this nation to a nation of laws! Better yet, how about we follow the Constitution…you know that little document our Founding Fathers put together that has worked pretty good…st least until Obama got into office that is. Unless of course, you want more of this…

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