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Get Your Pitchforks Ready


What rules?  The Republican Establishment doesn’t have to play by any stinking rules.  They know better!  They’re from Washington, D.C..

The Republican Establishment, the likes of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, John McCain, etal, have been telling the Conservative base of the party to go f**k themselves since 2010.  Arguably, long before that, but loudly and consistently since the Conservative base gave John Boehner the Speaker’s gavel in 2010.

They’re getting ready to do it again.  But this time there may actually be a fight and the Establishment could very well lose.  Why?  Because Donald Trump did his best impersonation of Howard Beale…

…and the American people are actually responding by voting for Donald Trump.  And the Republican establishment is scared to death.

There’s actually a move afoot to open up the convention so that the current rule book – written by the Establishment – can be replaced and no backroom deals can thwart the say of the voters.

Some members of the Republican National Committee want to ditch the massive rule book, which is based on the parliamentary handbook of the U.S. House, and instead use Robert’s Rules of Order to govern floor action at the convention. Robert’s is the standard manual used by entities such as civic associations, county boards and state legislatures.

Those pushing the change are not Trump partisans, but they want to make it hard to forge in secrecy what voters might see as backroom deals to “steal” the presidential nomination from Mr. Trump, the front-runner.

“To make this convention more transparent, I will advocate, at the RNC Standing Rules committee meeting in April, adoption of Robert’s Rules of Order to replace the 1,500-page U.S. House rules to govern the convention,” Oregon RNC member Solomon Yue told The Washington Times on Wednesday.

Kansas RNC member Helen Van Etten, a member of the RNC’s Standing Rules Committee, said she will vote for the change to Robert’s Rules, which “our party’s grass roots have been using to conduct business at the county party, state party and national party levels for many years. Unlike the 1,500-page U.S. House rules, there are in Robert’s no surprises that will prevent the kind of chaos media are predicting.”

In other words, let’s take the edge away from Mitch, Paul, etal.

This will be an interesting convention and a fiery summer.

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