George Soros and Surrogates Have Given the Kasich Campaign $700,000!

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John Kasich finally won a state, his own, but he cannot win mathematically and not even the GOP establishment is stupid enough to try and install him.

Whatever respect I had for the guy is gone. What he’s doing now is bad for American conservatives because we’re not getting the true one-on-one that Trump, Cruz and the rest of us all want.

Kasich is raking in the bucks from George Soros

But this new information that has come to light sure does make one wonder just how nefarious his motives really are!

Lifesite news is reporting that Kasich is raking in the bucks from George Soros and Co.:

A simple search of Governor Kasich’s 2016 Presidential campaign donations lists the Soros Fund Management as the sixth highest individual donor with $202,700. The seventh largest donor is the Duquesne Family Office with $150,000.  On the Super PAC side, Kasich’s New Day for America received $150,000 from Stanley Drukenmiller (who operates the Duquesne Family Office) and $200,000 from Scott Beset, who is employed by the Soros Fund Management.

Scott Bessent served as George Soros’ chief investment manager until late 2015, while Stanley Druckenmiller currently manages $2 billion of Soros’ hedge funds. Clearly, these three names, George Soros, Scott Bessent, and Stanly Drukenmiller represent George Soros just as New Day for America and Kasich for America represent Governor John Kasich.  

In total therefore, George Soros, personally and through surrogates, has donated over $700,000 to Governor John Kasich’s campaign. Read more!

John Kasich has continues to destroy his reputation as he moves through the Primary Season.

Soros has funded $8 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Seems that by funding Kasich’s campaign, he is trying to help Hillary Clinton by sabotaging the GOP primary.

…and Kasich is letting it happen!

Soros made his fortune by breaking the Bank of England by betting against it…seems to be the pattern.

This comes on the heels of a resurgence of a story about Kasich publicly calling a good cop an idiot after getting pulled over for failing to yield as he drove past a traffic stop.

The video of this traffic stop, where John Kasich did not yield to the situation on the side of the highway as he passed a fully lighted traffic stop, AND his remarks after, will make you FURIOUS!

Go away John.


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