‘Genderqueer’ Woman Identifies as Male, Blames Her Hair, Files Suit: Then it gets weird…

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What the heck is a “Genderqueer?”

And who cares?  Well, the lawyers do, that’s who.

First, it was wedding cakes for “gay weddings.”  Next, flowers for those same “weddings.”  Now it’s hair cuts.

When will the insanity end? It just keeps getting more queer?


I’ve some minor issues with the guy’s theology, but nothing I’d be willing to argue about.  He should be able to cut anybody’s hair he wants, or not cut it.  Don’t bet on that opinion holding up in the Peoples Republic of California though.

Lambda Legal is considering taking action in court against Hernandez for turning down Oliver.

Life is just too complicated. What is wrong with the old “normal”?

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