FUNNY: Elderly Man’s Request to Meet Obama Has a Twist You Won’t Expect..


Came across this old man’s repeated requests to meet the President at The Federalist Papers.

I laughed my butt off – but then again, I love jokes.

This one so reminded me of my dad:


We need more of them to break up all this yelling and screaming here during election season…


The story is set in the future, in case you didn’t catch it…





If you laughed, share it.

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Nancy Hayes

Nancy Hayes is a Digital Media Specialist and Conservative, Grassroots Activist. Over the past 6 years - she has worked on 31 campaigns nationwide. She has been involved in several key elections, including Ted Cruz for President and Herman Cain for President. She has served in such positions as Social Media Specialist, Phone Bank Director, State Director of Volunteers, and Grassroots Activist. Stay involved! Stay inspired! Stay educated! #TeamJoe #PJNET #CruzCrew #GOHTeam


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