Fund Terrorism or Party Like a Rock Star? Decisions, decisions…


H/T to the Daily Mail.

Remember, these guys are devout Muslims.  In Saudi Arabia you’d get whipped or executed for this stuff.

A Saudi prince is being sued for allegedly trashing a Hollywood Hills mansion he was renting after the $100,000-a-month party pad’s owner claimed he hosted a wild drug and stripper-fueled bash.

Prince Aziz al Saud, 29, was renting the 16,000sq ft property in August last year when the alleged raucous party took place.

The mansion’s owner claimed in a lawsuit that the prince invited 800 guests to the 10-bedroom home, who allegedly snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana and paid for strippers, TMZ reported.

Saudi Prince Aziz al Saud, 29, is being sued for allegedly trashing a Hollywood Hills mansion he was renting
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