Drive-Thru Sex at Hardee’s Lands Couple in Jail: Hold the Secret Sauce, thanks

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As drive-thru customers looked on in horror a couple had sex in their car in the parking lot of a Hardee’s restaurant in Kentucky.

Odd pick, Hardees. You’d think it would be Burger King, home of the whopper?

… but I digress..


The Smoking Gun reports:

Brittany Pennington, 24, and Johnathan Howard, 24, were arraigned today on indecent exposure charges in connection with their public tryst Monday morning outside the Hardee’s in Harlan, a city about 20 miles north of the Tennessee border.

several cars lined up to order breakfast watched as Pennington and Howard had sex inside a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria “during the rush hour.”


The couple’s vehicle, a police citation notes, was parked next to the drive-thru lane, in full view of customers waiting to order

When confronted by an officer who had been summoned by a witness, Pennington and Howard copped to the illicit encounter, adding that they “made a mistake.”

The couple, seen in the above mug shots, was nabbed for indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, since they exposed their genitals “with the knowledge that their conduct was likely to cause affront or alarm” to those around them.

A quick check of the Hardee’s breakfast menu includes the smoked sausage biscuit..

… Just sayin’


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