Don’t Let the Door Hit You on Your Racist Butt … Whiner.

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Melissa Harris Perry is a racist college “professor” turned turned racist “news” commentator at MSNBC.  Well, she used to be a racist “news” commentator at MSNBC.  Now she’s just a racist whiner on the unemployment line.

As she huffed out the door at the Progressive News Network, she went on a Twitter rant about her former employers.  But first, if you’re not familiar with the racist beeyach here she is in her finest form with a full deck of race cards.

OK, got the idea?

So here’s her “f*ck you I’m outta here” Tweet.

16-0303 RacistTW

The folks she apologized to?

Bashir was let go in 2013 after he made a crude comment about former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Neblett was also taken off the air last summer when executives began moving MSNBC away from liberal commentary and toward hard news.

Three more people who are only employable if you have an audience of hard core racists looking for red meat.

Melissa was off the rails all weekend.

“I will not be used as a tool for their purposes,” Harris-Perry wrote to her colleagues in an email, which became public in a New York Times report. “I am not a token, mammy or little brown bobble head. I am not owned by [NBC News Chief Andy] Lack, Griffin or MSNBC. I love our show. I want it back.”

Actually Melissa, you ARE a token, no-talent, not-too-bright, little brown bobble head, beeyach whoring for The Man.  Just like Bashir, Toure, etal.

Now shut up and get on your knees.  Jesse Jackson is looking for you.


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