Is Your Dog a Democrat? Take the Test:

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So you REALLY want to know if your dog is a Democrat?

Everybody loves a little humor especially when it comes to animals and politics.

Here’s a little song to help you decide, if your dog is a Democrat.

Check it out:

Do you:

Pay for all his healthcare: Check.

Buy everything he eats. Check.

Provide him shelter. Check.

Does your dog:

Acts like he’s entitled. Check.

Chew up the Constitution.  Check.

Blame others for shit that happens. Check.

Sounds to me like your dog is a democrat!

And, if he could find a ride to town they’d let him vote. Why not? They let dead people vote, don’t they?

If it has to do with dependency on the government or others paying for his way, he’s a Democrat.

But this line: All his behavior has been hinting…that his mom might be Mrs. Clinton…well, that sounds more like a socialist to me.

By the way, I don’t have a dog at the moment, but if I did, she/he would be Republican.

Some day I hope the “sheeple” of the world wake up before it’s too late. We need to return this nation to greatness. We need to restore the Constitution, revitalize our economy and create jobs. We need to return our nation to a nation of laws, limited government and fiscal responsibility. Until we do that, our nation is in sad shape and in dire need of a real leader.

Get government out of the way. Government is not the solution. Government IS the problem.



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