Dear Michelle: be proud to be an American!

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Dear Michelle, be proud to be an American!  I recently read of your comments while in Argentina, about sexism in America targeting you as you grew up. 

Poor you! 

And the teachers would call on a boy instead of you, even though you had better grades! Say it isn’t so!  No wonder you hate America!   michelle1

    •     I feel compelled to point a few things out to you.  You and you husband decided to go to a baseball game in Cuba and do the wave right after the terrorist killings in Brussels, the seat of NATO.  You then went on to Argentina, to dance the Tango with great glee. During this trip, your husband had the gall to say that these terrorist acts do not represent an existential threat.
    •     Dear Michelle: be proud to be an American!  You should be representing the best of America in the countries in which you travel, not continuing to whine about not being called upon in class.  It is the great and wonderful America where a black man was elected President – twice.  Over 36 million white people cast their vote for Barack Hussein Obama.  Right there is proof that the hearts of most Americans are not racist. Some, of course, voted for the Republican not for reasons of skin color, but for reasons of ideology and experience. 
    •     I often think that people like you, who still choose to emphasize the years that some black Americans’ ancestors were sold into slavery by their own black warlords, should take a good look at what your life might have been like if not for your ancestors being brought here.
    •     Over 350 thousand white men in the Union Army died in their fight to free the slaves, to provide them and their families with automatic citizenship, and then give them the right to own guns for their own defense.
    •     It was Republicans who made that happen, by the way.  And it was Republicans who voted for Civil Rights laws in America while Democrats attempted to block them.  It was Democrats who populated the Ku Klux Klan which used terror and killings to try to stop black Americans from gaining their freedoms.

           Dear Michelle: be proud to be an American!  Perhaps it would be good for you and others to see what a  typical African town in Kenya looks like, even today.  I visited Kenya, driving past the famous and filthy and shocking Huruma Slums in Nairobi, where Barack’s half-brother still lives.  Please note the photos I added here.  Aren’t you glad that you and Barack have been fortunate enough to have been living in America?  Africa 005 2003_0102AFRICA0235 2003_0102AFRICA0250 2003_0102AFRICA0259

          Here’s a friendly reminder: you are the First Lady of the amazing United States of America.  It is not too much to expect that you might have said that while America has the unfortunate legacy of slavery, she has continually worked to overcome that heritage.  About 35 million people are still held as slaves worldwide, and you are proud that America is one country which used their Constitution to ban slavery, with our 13th Amendment in 1865.

        Government programs of many kinds have been provided, and an opportunity to excel as you did in school, Michelle, is available to all.

         Perhaps you could use your husband’s last months in office to promote the kind of schools which aid in the development of black students to reach their full potential.  Perhaps you could frequently encourage your black brothers and sisters to show up at school, to use their capable minds to excel at studying and test taking. You could say, “If I could do it, anyone could do it!”

        I have provided here a video which you might use to inspire those students who refuse to take their education seriously.  Every one should watch it.  Motivational Speaker goes off after being disrespected by high schoolers. “Have You lost your mind”(Full Speech) Erich Thomas – #BTNOMB

         Perhaps you could encourage fathers to stay at home instead of having government programs pay the families off for leaving.  Pay them MORE for staying, perhaps.  A law could condition their receiving Welfare and or food stamps on successfully working toward a high school degree or it’s equivalent.

         Just imagine what might have been if you and your husband had spent your time in these ways for the last seven years instead of in ways which have been dividing us and angering your fellow black Americans against the sins of slavery and the white man.  No American today ever had a slave, and at least half of us Americans have NEVER had a relative who did.

         I know I am expecting a lot, but perhaps you could tell your foreign audiences how very fortunate YOU are to have lived here in America for your entire life, in spite of the fact that a teacher had the audacity not to call on you.  

      It is a blessing to live in America, and you will help your country continue its goal of providing opportunity for all if you would only be a positive voice.



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