Cruz Will Support GOP Nominee Even if it Means President Hillary

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I support Ted Cruz.  I’m not happy with current outlook, but I’ll vote for whoever is the eventual Republican nominee.

As an Evangelical Christian, I’ll go on record and state that I’d vote for Lucifer before I’d vote for Hillary – or any other Democrat – or stay home.

Not that Lucifer represents my values,  but he’d be better than any Democrat.

Because Donald Trump is looking more and more like the Republican nominee and well known commentators, and some politicians, are declaring they won’t vote for Trump in the general election, it was refreshing to hear my guy on Sunday.

As far as Republican commentators who are flocking to the #NoTrump crap, I’d like to remind them that they are the same people who have insisted that conservatives “have to” vote for people like Mitt Romney and John McCain who don’t have a conservative bone in their bodies.

They’ve been shoving squishes at conservatives for decades and now that the Republican Party is poised to nominate somebody they don’t like, they’re taking their ball and going home.

Specifically, people like Erick Erickson, who gushed over what a great job Candy Crowley did moderating the Obama/Romney debate who has said he’d stay home.  He was one of the first on the bandwagon.  Erick, here comes the bus.  I hope you enjoy being under it along with the rest of the hypocrites.

Don’t mistake that comment for me thinking Trump is a conservative.

He’s not.  I’m not sure what he is, other than way ahead in the polls.

Anyway, thanks Ted.  I still support you and I hope you find a way to pull this one out.

We’re down to a two man race.  Donald and Ted.  Marco, etal should get out.  It’s down to brass tacks.


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