Convicted Felon and Hillary-Loving Superdelegate Who Will Do What He’s Told


If Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards and that goes double for Hillary.

I’m sure you know that even in states where Bernie Sanders has scored massive victories at the ballot box Hillary has walked away with more delegates.  That’s because of the Democratic party’s “super-delegate” scheme.

Super-delegates were something Democrats came up with after the 1972 Walter Mondale mess to make sure the party got a major say in the candidate and also to pander to their minority base.  It’s kind of like affirmative action for Democratic delegates.

This year that scheme may come back to bite them.

there’s one superdelegate-Clinton supporter from New York whom neither she nor the party probably wants to show up at the convention in Philadelphia.

Sheldon Silver taken away by Federal Agents

Sheldon Silver taken away by Federal Agents

Once one of the most powerful Democrats in the state, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has long been a member of the Democratic National Committee. Despite his conviction on federal corruption charges, he’s still a DNC member and is entitled to his superdelegate slot.

That Democratic National Committee.  What a rogues gallery they have.  Let’s see, there was Bull Connor …

16-0317 Sheldon2

… and now they’ve got Sheldon.

Do you think they’ll actually seat Sheldon this year?  As long as he’s voting for Hillary, hell yes.


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