College Student 3-D printing his own braces at school: Saving $60k

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3-D printing is going to change the world, and for the better.  This is an amazing story.

A clever college student has figured out how to straighten his teeth for less than $60 with 3D-printed clear braces.

Amos Dudley, 24, of New Jersey has self-designed an aligner treatment featuring a set of 12 plastic braces which have been straightening his top teeth for the last 16 weeks, according to CNN Money.

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The New Jersey Institute of Technology student came up with the idea after he was unhappy the way his teeth looked, but did not want to pay up to $8,000 for name brand clear braces.

So he instead he manufactured his own using a high-end 3D printer at his school.

Dudley was able to keep costs low as he only had to pay for the materials, some sourced from eBay, used to make the models of his teeth and the retainers.

You think that’s neat?  Check this out.  It’s worth the seven minutes to watch it.

Oh, and you can also 3-D print a gun.  Take that Democrats.

And I can’t wait for NARAL to have a fit over 3-D printed unborn babies.


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