College Kids Afraid of Chalk: No Wonder They’re Stupid…

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What is college teaching these days?  You probably don’t want to know.  Frankly it looks like we’ve raised a generation of pantywastes.  This story is enough to make you ashamed to be an American.  Unless you’re a military family, and then you wonder, “why bother?

Roughly 40 students gathered shortly after 4:30 p.m. in the outdoors space between the Administration Building and Goodrich C. White Hall; many students carried signs featuring slogans such as “Stop Trump” or “Stop Hate” and an antiphonal chant addressed to University administration, led by college sophomore Jonathan Peraza, resounded “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!” throughout the Quad. Peraza opened the door to the Administration Building and students moved forward towards the door, shouting “It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

These children – some in their 20s – were so traumatized by this …

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… that they were in fear for their lives.

I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe [here],” one student said. “But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well … I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school,” she added.

They took their fear to the President of the University who promptly issued a statement that they would get to the bottom of this and the perpetrators would be severely punished.  Yep.  These little snowflakes are lucky I’m not the President of Emory University.  If they’ve got an ROTC, I’d have mustered them and given them live rounds.

To make sure we keep this in perspective, here’s Lou Dobbs.

With respect to “lawsuits” I’m pretty sure the Emory administration will significantly overreact and do something stupid to the “chalkers.”  They will then hire attorneys who will sue the living daylights out of the University (unfortunately they can’t sue the snowflakes and the administrators personally) and will likely collect millions.  Personally, I hope they wipe out the Emory University endowment, which is worth $6.4 billion.

By the way, the cost to send your snowflake to Emory is $63,000 per year.

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