Chelsea Says Mom Can Ignore Constitution Too! [video]

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In February, Chelsea Clinton campaigned in Minnesota and bemoaned persistent GOP-led attacks against Obamacare – which she touted was once called Hillarycare.

“We need to defend the Affordable Care Act,” Clinton said. “And then we need to do more…to get to 100 percent coverage.”

REALLY? Are you insane? or just following in your mom’s same ways of socialism, to ensure Obama’s destruction of America continues?

However, Truth Revolt observed last week that Chelsea Clinton told voters that something needed to be done to deal with Obamacare’s “crushing costs” and said her mother was prepared to consider “executive action” as a means to bring down those costs.

Seems like we have heard those same words from our current Dictator-in-chief, haven’t we? In fact, isn’t that what started this mess in the first place?

Isn’t it nice to know that the original Affordable Care Act was really Hillary’s idea?

Of course we all know her mother’s plan was to “cap out-of-pocket expenses and insurance premium costs,” but once Hillary becomes president, she will be no different than Obama.

Obamacare is what is destroying our country! The high cost of premiums and deductibles that no one can afford. Over 9 million people who have lost employer-based plans and over 4 million people who have lost their individually purchased plans. And who exactly got to keep their doctor or their plan? Certainly not me. How about you?

What America needs is a real leader that will stand WITH #WeThePeople and return this nation to that shining city upon the hill or exceptionalism, once more. Guess what folks? That won’t be Hillary!

Hillary Clinton will continue to ignore the Constitution just like our current president.


As Obama said, “I’ve got a pen and a phone.”…and Hillary should add, “…emails too!”




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