You Can’t Get a “Masters” Degree From Harvard Any Longer?

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Academia is a hell-hole, almost without exception.  Political correctness rules the day, and the Ivy League is among the worst of the lot.  Take Harvard.  Please.

For the 200+ years Harvard has been around the undergraduate residence halls have been overseen by “house Masters.”  Well, no more.  They’re becoming “faculty deans.”

Why?  Why the term “Masters” hurts the feelings of “students of color.”  Think “trigger warning.”  It reminds them of just a couple years ago when they were subject to this kind of treatment.

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Thankfully, Barack Obama’s Emancipation Proclamation took these students from under the whip, and they don’t want to be reminded of it.

The move, which was unanimously supported by the residential leaders, was partly spurred by student concerns over race issues on campus, officials said. But they also said the move had been under consideration for some time.

Smith said despite the change, the term “House master” has not lost its place in Harvard’s history. The term “house master” traditionally refers to a male faculty member in a position of authority at a dormitory at a boarding school.

Next up, the feminists.  A “male faculty member in a position of authority…”  Oh, get the fainting couch and YouTube movies with puppies and kittens.

At Cornell, another Ivy, there’s a fight over the word “plantations.”

In an 1862 letter, Andrew Dickson White, Cornell University’s first president, described his idea of a great university: “It must have the best of Libraries — collections in different departments — Laboratory — Observatory — Botanical Garden perhaps …”

The university’s gardens were created over 70 years later, and they were called the Cornell Plantations.

You guessed it.

Today the Plantations contain a botanical garden, an arboretum, and a network of nature preserves. But the name, opponents argue, evokes the language of slavery.

Cornell hasn’t given in yet, but they will.  Mark my words.

What’s next the School of Business won’t be giving “Masters” degrees anymore?  Students will be discouraged from “mastering” their subjects?  Not that they do that now.



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