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Bristol Palin Gives Birth in December: Now it’s Bikini Time [PHOTOS]


Sailor Grace Palin was born on Christmas Eve 2015. But Bristol Palin didn’t waste anytime getting back in shape…

Just a few months later – Bikini shots in the pool…

This kind of thing drives liberals mad, by the way.


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The mom of two shared a photo with her adorable infant relaxing in the pool over the weekend.

Sailor, 2 months, snuggled into her mother’s chest while just her tiny feet dipped into the clear waters. While Palin, 25, showed a hint of a tan, the baby was perfectly outfitted for sun protection in a white bonnet and a patterned swim top and bottom.


Earlier last week, an emotional text conversation between Palin and ex-fiancé Dakota Meyer – Sailor’s father – surfaced, revealing parenting discord between the former couple.

In court papers obtained by The Daily Mail, the text message exchange was outlined. “I don’t hate you Bristol I have no reason to but my hands are tied when I legally have no right to a child that is mine,” Meyer wrote in January.

The pair recently reached an interim agreement over visitation of their daughter in court, which will allow the Medal of Honor recipient to visit his daughter every two weeks starting March 18.



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