BREAKING!!! TED CRUZ IS TED CRUSH! Over 50% in Kansas! Winning Big in Maine!

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My guy Ted Cruz becomes the first candidate on the Republican side to get over 50% of the vote in a contest.

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He crushed everybody in Kansas.  Including Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was a distant second and Sen. Marco Rubio a sluggish third, delivering a further dent to the Florida senator’s hopes and cementing Mr. Cruz as the top choice for Republicans seeking to head off Mr. Trump’s bid for the White House.

Networks called the race several hours after polling ended in Kansas. Republicans were also voting in Maine, Kentucky and Louisiana on Saturday.

Let’s see what happens in the other four, but regardless this is a big win for Cruz.  Maine looks like another big win, and Governor Paul LePage endorsed Donald Trump last week.

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In Kansas, Rubio was under 15% and Kasich isn’t eligible to vote in Kansas so he didn’t get many.  Kasich is hoping for a hail merry in his home state of Ohio.  I know it’s “Mary” but Kasich is such a joke that “merry” just seems more apt.

Next up, Florida.  Marco is reportedly within five of Trump in Florida.  The reality is, Marco is like Kasich.  An Establishment candidate.  The Republican Establish may hate Donald Trump but they’re scared to death of Ted Cruz.  He’s the real change agent in the race.


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