WOW, That Mitt Romney is a Hypocrite! CRAZY VIDEO!

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Mitt Romney was the poster wimp chosen by the Republican Establishment to run against Barack Obama in 2012.

Romney spent the entire campaign refraining from attacking the worst President in American history.

He didn’t even tell Candy Crowley to sit her fat ass down and STFU when she saved Barack’s bacon on the Benghazi question in the CNN debate.

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It looks like Mittens is trying to shed his image.  Here’s comes the tough Mittster.  Here’s a snippet from his “major speech” today.

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That’s tough Mitt.  Tough.

And how do you balance your current toughMitt against this, from four years ago when you were begging Donald for money for your campaign?

Mittens you’re wimp AND a hypocrite.  Now then, STFU and go on a mission someplace.  Like the South Pole.  There are penguins that need saving.

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