Should #BlackLivesMatter be Classified as a Hate Group?

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I don’t think #BlackLivesMatter is a “hate group”.  I think they are a domestic terrorist group just like the New Black Panther Party that Barack loves and protects.

Today we’ve got an episode of domestic terrorism that won’t be reported on by the media and won’t be investigated by the Department of Justice.

Kalen Rahim is a not too bright little terrorist in training who got caught pushing her “gangsters and whatnot” to assassinate Donald Trump.

16-0327 BLM1a

She didn’t put together her group of assassins under cover of darkness, no.  She rounded them up on Twitter.  My guess is that she used Twitter because she has history with #BlackLivesMatter and that tends to be the way they get people riled up.

16-0328 BLM TW

This all occurred in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts when Trump was speaking to a standing-room-only crowd in Worcester, MA with another 3,000 people outside.

Because she made the threat against Trump on Twitter, it got back to her employer, somebody called Explore Talent.  They fired her.  Since she obviously doesn’t understand the concept of unintended consequences (I’m sure she’s a Democrat) that really ticked her off.

Don’t tick off a domestic terrorist in training.  She called the police to file a complaint about being fired.  Never mind that the reason she got fired was because she threatened the life of a Presidential candidate.  Which, even if it is Donald Trump, is a serious felony.

The Secret Service did investigate the threat, but no arrests were made.  I guess they figured that anybody that stupid couldn’t possibly be dangerous.  I’d be willing to bet that she’s on a “watch list” though.  Not that this administration would actually prosecute her – or anybody else – for making threats against Republicans.



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